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Hot sales A36/SS400/ EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel hot rolled plate

The company adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented, talent is concerned", develops business with the spirit of "believing strength, practical style, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel professional service and dare to compete", and provides customers with "professional, value-added and effective" service support. For the company's development and take-off, we work together to move forward and create a better EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel tomorrow!

EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel, EN 10025 E355 steel plate / sheet is suitable for general building steel. Chemical composition and mechanical properties of EN 10025 E355 steel. EN 10025 E355 steel conforms to EN 10025 standard, equivalent to DIN 17100: ST60-2, NFA: a60-2, UNI 7070: FE590 steel grade.

Our company is a specialized technical support and after-sales service organization - customer service center. At the same time, we have provided excellent technical EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel personnel and strong technical support for our company, and cultivated an excellent after-sales team for our company. Our company will appoint a full-time service manager to be responsible for the unified coordination of technical support and EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel after-sales service of the project.

The steel plate and strip after hot rolling treatment are generally called hot rolled plate. Compared with other steel plate processing industries, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 high strength steel, hot rolled plate has these characteristics. First, low hardness, easy processing. Compared with other steel needs special mechanical equipment, hot rolled plate is a very convenient for processing. Second, good ductility, not easy to break, good compression capacity, long service life. Third, the manufacturing process is simple, and the price and cost are relatively cheap compared with other steels.


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