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What is EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT equivalent EN steel

The company has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. After more than 20 years of market trials and tribulations, from small to large, from weak to strong, in order to meet the needs of customer extension development, the company expanded the deep EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT processing services of cutting steel pieces. Now we have built a business system integrating steel plate, steel plate cutting and EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT steel deep processing. The company provides one-stop solution for customers with lower price, higher quality and faster response speed.

The company specializes in steel plate cutting, steel plate processing and wide thick plate, hot rolling coil. The company possesses advanced CNC steel plate cutting processing equipment, first-class technical personnel, supporting marketing and after-sales service system. Steel plate cutting parts are mainly used in mechanical manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel structure and mold processing industries, and we can provide EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT, finished products and semi-finished products processing according to the needs of users.

Ordinary medium and thick steel plate EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT is a kind of deoxidized steel. The oxygen content of the steel liquid is relatively high, and a lot of gas will be produced during the production process to make the steel liquid boil, so it is also called boiling steel. Advantages: this kind of steel plate has smooth surface, good quality and easy processing. Because this kind of steel plate has no concentrated shrinkage cavity, the amount of deoxidizer is very small and the price is lower than other steel plates.

Weathering steel plates have an excellent corrosive resisting property like resistance to crevice and pitting corrosion, resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This plate also has resistance to chloride corrosion cracking and stress corrosion. These plate are not affected very easily by acids and environmental rust and works in the sulfide atmosphere. EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT, Weather resistant steel plates have excellent workability, formability, easy to install, easy to fabricated, machinability, durability, reliability.

Chemical composition of EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT, Q345D steel plate: C: ≤0.18; Si: ≤0.50; Mn: ≤1.70; P: ≤0.030; S: ≤0.025; Nb: ≤0.07; V: ≤0.15; Ti: ≤0.20; Cr: ≤0.30; Ni: ≤0.50; Cu: ≤0.30; N: ≤0.012; Mo: ≤0.10; Als: ≥0.015. Yield strength (MPa) of Q345D steel plate: ≤16mm: ≥345; 16-40mm: ≥335; 40-63mm: ≥325; 63-80mm: ≥315; 80-100mm: ≥305; 100-150mm: ≥285; 150-200mm: ≥275; 200-250: ≥275; 250-400: ≥265. Tensile strength of Q345D low alloy steel: 450-630(MPa). Elongation: ≥21. Impact test: -20 ℃: ≥34.

We are known as EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the market all over the world. We engage in providing a wide range of plates which are accurately mass produced by using the best quality of parts which gives maximum durability and dependability. The most important thing to know as a potential customer of IRON&STEEL is that we EN 10025-6 high strength steel S690QL+QT stock, processing service, and distribute all of the popular grades of carbon steel plate, alloy steel, shipbuilding steel and boiler steel. Welcome to come China and visit our factory.

Due to other non-steel quality reasons caused by the customer dissatisfaction, to timely explain to the customer, and help them solve the problem, for the customer really because of their own reasons, to give patient reply.The process of objection handling is the process of our technical service.


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