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S460Q quenched and tempered steel plate

1. Introduction of S460Q steel plate:
S460Q is a modulated high-strength steel plate, and the implementation standard of S460Q is the special technical conditions of the European standard EN10025-6. The corresponding digital number is 1.8908. In the S460 trademark, "S" indicates that the steel is structural steel, "460" indicates the minimum yield strength of the steel when the thickness is less than 50mm, "Q" indicates that the steel is delivered in a quenched and tempered condition, and the S460Q steel rules are in The minimum impact energy at a temperature not lower than -20°C. The steel plate has high carbon content, high hardness, tensile strength and fatigue resistance, and is often used to make shafts, connecting rods and other structural parts and engineering equipment that accept large loads.

S460Q steel plate not only has very high strength, but also has certain toughness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and welding ease of processing. S460Q high-strength steel plate is often used in the machinery manufacturing industry, such as crane equipment, excavator equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, mining equipment, coal mining machinery and equipment, large iron shovels, hydraulic supports for coal mining machines, etc. S460Q steel plate has very high strength, toughness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, and easy welding and processing properties.

The S460Q steel plate meets the material selection requirements of most manufacturing industries. The high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and welding ease of processing exhibited by the S460Q steel plate in the process of use are also deeply manufactured. Favored and recognized by the industry, and later because of social recognition, frequent use in the manufacturing industry and continuous optimization of materials by manufacturers, S460Q steel plate has gradually become one of the commonly used steel plate grades in the domestic manufacturing industry.

EN10025-6 S460Q Steel grade introduction:
There are three levels of S460:
S460Q=-20 degree low temperature impact
S460QL=-50 degree low temperature impact
S460QL1=-60 degree low temperature impact

Description of delivery status of S460Q steel plate
S460Q steel plate is normalized by default and can be normalized + tempered, tempered + quenched according to different needs
S460Q steel plate thickness flaw detection can be done, 1 detection, 2 detection, 3 detection
S460Q steel plate thickness extension can be done, z15\z25\z35

S460Q steel plate size introduction
It can be negotiated with them for cutting and processing according to the drawings and to length.


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