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S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plates with European standard EN10025-6

1. Introduction of S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plates
S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plates are European standard steel plates, which implement European standard EN10025-6, and can also implement WYJ (Wugang product development technical conditions). The implementation of the European standard EN10025-6 stipulates that the nominal thickness of S690 grade steel is 3-150mm, and the yield strength that can be achieved after quenching and tempering is greater than 690MPa, and the number is 1.8928.
2. What is the difference between S690Q, S690QL and S690QL1 steel plates:
S690Q: -20°C impact test;
S690QL: -40°C impact test;
S690QL1: -60°C impact test.
3. Delivery status of S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plates:
the steel plates are delivered in the quenched and tempered state of quenching and tempering. Different delivery statuses can be selected according to different needs, and additional flaw detection standard requirements, flaw detection grade requirements, and Z-direction performance can be added. requirements, adding special alloying elements, etc.
4, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plate chemical composition melting analysis
Carbon C: ≤ 0.200; silicon Si: ≤ 0.800; manganese Mn: ≤ 1.70; phosphorus P: ≤ 0.020; sulfur S: ≤ 0.010; chromium Cr: ≤ 1.500; : ≤2.000; Mo: ≤0.700; Carbon Cu: ≤0.500; Titanium Ti: ≤0.050; Vanadium V: ≤0.120; Niobium Nb: ; ≤0.060, Ni max 2.0, Ti max 0.05, V max 0.12, Zr max 0.15.
5.Mechanical properties and mechanical properties of S690QL steel plate
Grade Size Yield Strength(Mpa) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Elongation A(%)
S690QL 3-50 ≥690 770-940 ≥14
50--100 ≥650 760-930
100-150 ≥630 710-900

6.Main uses of S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 steel plates:
S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1 are used for low-temperature, high-strength key components, construction machinery, mining machinery structures, etc., European standard high-strength steel plates, corresponding to national standard Q690E Wugang high-strength plates, manufacturing all kinds of construction machinery, such as mining and Drilling rigs, electric shovels, electric wheel dump trucks, mining vehicles, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other mechanical equipment and other structural parts for various engineering construction.


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EN 10025-6 S690QL High Strength Steels