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S690QL square pipe export is far better than expected

Although both HSLA steel plate and carbon steel plate belong to carbon structure and low alloy structure steel, there are some differences. First of all, S690QL square pipe, HSLA steel plate and carbon steel plate differ in strength, hardness and use. In terms of strength, the strength of HSLA steel plate is higher than carbon steel plate. In terms of hardness, the hardness of HSLA steel plate is also higher than that of carbon steel plate. And in the scope of use, the advantages of HSLA steel plate are more prominent, so the scope of HSLA steel plate use is more extensive than that of carbon steel plate.

For the S690QL square pipe construction industry, the largest consumer sector of the steel industry and the least affected industry in the EU this year, it is estimated that S690QL square pipe steel consumption will account for 35% of the EU steel consumption market this year. Uestf forecasts that the output of the construction industry will decline by 5.3% in 2020 and rise by 4% in 2021.

BEBON is known for delivering huge requirements of these products to its clients all over the world. These carbon steel plates, alloy steel angles, steel structures are used by a number of industries, factories workshops, shipbuilding, bridges, oil storage tanks, S690QL square pipe steel structure, landscape buildings and many more places. We have a spacious, state-of-the-art, fully advanced and modernized warehouse that stores tonnes of our value-adding products.

Flat steel is a kind of steel with rectangular cross-section and blunt edges at the edges and corners. It is usually 12-300 mm wide and 3-60 mm thick. Compared with S690QL square pipe ordinary steel plate, the utilization rate of flat steel is increased by one to five percentage points. Moreover, flat steel can be produced with fixed thickness, width and length according to the user's requirements, which saves the cutting process for users, reduces the consumption of labor and materials, and also reduces the processing loss of raw materials, saving time, labor and material.

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