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EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL properties table

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Low alloy steel plate, refers to the steel plate whose alloy content is less than 3.5%. The most popular low alloy steel plate is EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL, Q345B plate and its equivalent materials such as S355JR, A572 grade 50 and so on. Low alloy steel plate plays an important role in the construction, it must have enough strength and stability to bear the safety of the house. Low alloy steel plate is often used in large buildings with large bearing capacity and good cross-section stability, such as bridges, ships, lifting and transportation machinery, etc.

20# seamless steel pipe chemical composition: C: 0.07-0.23, Si: 0.17-0.37, Mn: 0.35-0.65, Cr: 0.25, Ni: 0.30, Cu: 0.25. 20# seamless steel pipe mechanical properties: recommended heat treatment temperature: 910℃, tensile strength: 410 MPa, yield strength: 245 MPa, elongation: 25%, impact energy is not required. 20# seamless steel pipe hardness is higher than 10# seamless steel pipe. EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL, 20# seamless steel pipe has good weldability, no temper brittleness, and its machinability can be improved by water quenching. 20# seamless steel pipe can be used to make welded components, as well as parts with small load after forging, hot stamping and cutting.

Compared with thick steel plates, EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL, thin steel plates have many obvious advantages in steel plate processing and use. It is precisely these advantages of thin steel plates that make them more and more popular in various industries. First, compared to those thicker steel plate materials, thin steel plates are generally thinner in thickness. Thin steel plates themselves are lighter and thinner, and their weight is lighter, which is very convenient for handling during construction and transportation. It can save some storage and transportation space.

In addition to quality assurance, service is also important for the competition of steel suppliers. All the after-sales service personnel of the company have received professional training and assessment. The steel products supplied by our company enjoy the life-long quality problem replacement service. In the process of using our steel EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL products, if there is any problem, just contact us in time, and our after-sales service personnel will look for countermeasures and solve the problem with you as soon as possible.

Our company has strict quality control standards. If you want to visit our factory, you are welcome at any time! We produce a lot of steel products every month to export EN 10025-6 high strength steel S460QL to all over the world. Because our customers are from all countries, they will order a large number of steel products from our company every month.


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