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The stal S460QL stock properties price list

Our 1810mm production line successfully rolled 1.2mm × 1250mm ultra-thin specifications stal S460QL high strength automotive steel, and the product quality and performance fully met the standards. In recent years, customers have become increasingly demanding for lightweight vehicles. Our company aims at the market and focuses on the development of thin-gauge high strength automotive stal S460QL steel. The research and development personnel adjusted the product composition based on theoretical calculations and drawing on other experiences to meet customers' higher requirements for automotive steel yield strength and tensile strength.

For employees' development,  the company's transformation and development provides employees with a broad career development platform. The company needs "lion-type" entrepreneurial leaders who are full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and dare to self-renovate. They also need a large number of professional and professional high-quality talents, and employees can get full capacity to display opportunities.

Automobile girder steel is a kind of low alloy hot-rolled steel plate with thickness of 2.5-12.0 mm for manufacturing automobile girder (longitudinal beam and cross beam). Due to the complex shape of automobile girder, good stamping performance is required in addition to high strength and cold bending performance for automobile girder steel. The stal S460QL, medium thick and heavy steel plates are mainly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction and so on.

Our company doesn't need the cheapest quotation to choose international logistics company, but the price performance ratio will be high, the service will be good, and the transportation must be safe and punctual, which will not affect the time when the stal S460QL goods arrive at the destination, and the logistics situation will be well communicated with customers in advance. Therefore, when we choose international logistics companies, we will have a look at their timeliness and service attitude in advance. It is only important to transport goods according to the requirements of customers for logistics.

The microscopic strength of the stal S460QL, wear-resistant steel plate refers to the strength of the hard phase, but the higher the strength, the higher the wear resistance. Strength is the basis of high-quality wear resistance of wear-resistant steel plates, but the relationship between strength and wear resistance is not proportional; wear-resistant steel plates are often wear-resistant, the root cause is that there are hard particles and soft conventions.

Welcome to our company to purchase, our products are exported to all parts of the world every month, the quality is guaranteed, the stal S460QL price is very preferential. Therefore, it has won great trust and praise from customers. Every month, it needs to purchase some steel plates, steel pipes and other major products. If you have any need, please contact us in time!

The company specializes in heavy plate cutting, carbon steel pplate processing, carbon plate welding processing and sales of wide and thick steel stal S460QL plates. It has high-quality CNC steel plate cutting and processing equipment, a professional technical personnel team, and supporting logistics distribution and after-sales service system. BBN company provides customers with solutions at low prices, high quality, and fast response service.


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